Global mobility is a complex topic, encompassing a number of different disciplines.  Rules vary by country -- even by localities within each country -- with agreements and treaties that differ between each combination of countries.  livingplaces.ca's Global Mobility practice helps multinational employers navigate the local nuances of countries where they do business including the rules of immigration, employment, compensation, tax, corporate compliance.

Marj Knive is an expert in Global Mobility, globally.  She brings a wealth of connections into the service sector and has provided assistance to global Corporations doing business in the oil & gas, agricultural products and transportation sectors. In addition she has been an expatriate herself so can see all sides of the Global Mobility process, knows what questions to ask, and who to involve to ensure compliance for your Company.

Countries of familiarity:  Canada, USA, Brazil, Columbia, Norway, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, China, UAE, Nigeria, Uganda